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Wolford AG, with its headquarter in Bregenz at Lake Constance in Austria, is a manufacturer of textiles of the top price segment focusing on tights, bodysuits, and underwear, as well as women's clothing and accessories.

Victoria L. from North York, Toronto, Canada shares her experience buying in Wolford Boutiques in a review published by YELP: "Bought a pair of the $235 tights, ripped when I tried to put the foot part on. I didn't have to use my nails and it broke so easily. Quality is obviously very poor. I don't want to keep this but they do not provide refunds... It's been less than one month since I bought the product ND they give me grief about coming about this so late. The staff are unfriendly. Also gave me grief about not having an account with them so they had to pull the purchase up not as easily. Not sure how that is related to the issue at hand. They wouldn't even give me my original receipt back because they assumed I've worn the other pair of tights I bought. I would never buy from them again. Buy from them and risk wasting a lot of money on something you can't even wear once. They call themselves a luxury but don't commit to any level of quality"


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Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Lots of corporate pettiness happening -West Coast Regional is unprofessional and expect to have to treat her like a friend just to survive there. Cons: Unprofessional environment - zero room for growth for store managers"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"No structure, from this century or the last several decades. Poor operational equipment, standards, work ethic, and misrepresentative of job duties. They will misrepresent a job just to fill it. Terrible! Cons: everything else"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Honestly, this company is super cheap and disorganized. They do not care about the employees and are always short of staff because everyone quits. You will be over worked and profiled. You will be suspected of stealing, and interrogated because of the words of petty store managers. DO Not even do it to yourself. Everyone here is super lazy. If you’re part time you’ll selling thousands of dollars and receive like 2% of it. Also you’ll have to split your commission with the full time employees who do the bare minimum and call out. So you’re basically working super hard for them to make 3x the commission you do. Trash company and work environment all around. You will be left in the store by yourself all the tine cause management lovesssss to travel."

Controller (Current Employee) says

"With the new CEO of the company, Wolford America/Boutiques/Canada has the potential for greatness. We are the number 2 market for the company but with the right management, we can be number 1! Cons: Needs stronger leadership in the US and Canada"

Former Employee - ASM- Assistant Store Manager says

"I worked at Wolford full-time for more than a year Cons: This company has no room for growth, the upper management is extremely unsupportive. Sonia is the WORST, she doesn't support her staff or the stores and refuses to help you move up the latter."

Former Employee - Key Holder says

"I worked at Wolford full-time for more than a year Cons: poor pay , not enough people"

Casual Sales Assistant says

"I worked at Wolford for more than a year Cons: -Both generous pay and incentives are used as a form of bullying and manipulating staff and are taken away as management see fit. -Upper management are unprofessional, employing bullying tactics in all areas of management. Management routinely berate staff based on their appearance and actively encourage the indirect bullying of other staff. -All staff are kept on casual contracts and shifts are given out according to favoritism, not performance or professionalism. Requests for full-time contracts are denied. -Staff are regularly reprimanded publicly via group emails. -Staff are advised to wear designer shoes on the boutique floor but are not compensated for their purchase. -Staff are not treated compassionately when they are unwell or need to take leave, holidays often result in shifts being cut. -Staff are told that the needs of the business trump their personal needs openly. -It is common knowledge that giving in a notice of resignation will lead to being told not come in tomorrow."


"I worked at Wolford Cons: not hard to find another job with the same pay but competent mgmt, structure and organization, TRAINING, not to mention friendly coworkers who will treat you with respect ...? never seen anything like this in 10+ years of retail. received straight up bitterness/rudeness from management in response to my 2wks. so glad to have found a great new position that values their employees."

Former Employee - Conseiller Client le says

"I worked at Wolford full-time Cons: Toxic management. Not possible to seat or take a rest during the day."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Wolford full-time for more than a year Cons: Management have no idea what they are doing. Spoken to like children Too many changes no direction"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I worked at Wolford full-time Cons: Greedy company. We have had to compete with each others having terrible staff incentives. Disgusting HO management (it has been changed since) my manager was a nasty, problematic woman."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at Wolford part-time for less than a year Cons: Management is terrible. Not room to grow."

Current Employee - Keyholder says

"I have been working at Wolford part-time for less than a year Cons: Wolford doesn't support any minorities they just like white women"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Wolford full-time Cons: Felt isolated from decision making from HQ (based in Austria), information was not consistently flowing to the subsidiary, small office meant limited backup support,"

Anna says

"NOT possible to unsubscribe to their newsletter - they will keep sending you them and it´s several times a week. Customer service has proved pretty redundant"

michelle browne says

"One of the worst companies my order hasn’t updated since 11th of December. Customer service told nothing they can do. I’ve told them I’m looking for a refund through PayPal. Answer was I’ll have to pay again when they deliver."

Natasha M says

"Wolford informed me that my order was experiencing a severe delay (of around one month) so I contacted customer service to change the delivery address to where I would be staying the following month. Customer service cancelled my order and told me to re-purchase the products to my new address. When I informed them that the products were no longer on offer and I would be £100 out of pocket they told me that there was nothing they could do and refused to reinstate my original order at the original cost."

Peter Ostacchini says

"Would give no stars if I could. Ordered tights a present on 18th Dec with an estimated arrival before Xmas. We are 28th and still no garment. Customer services are useless and offer no apology or hint of a refund and just blame their agent DHL. If I do not receive it in another week which seems likely, I will go through my Bank and do a chargeback. I wish I had read the reviews first. Don’t buy from this company."

Ellie Wilson says

"Wish I could give no stars... after looking at the other reviews I see I'm not the only one. They sent me a DISGUSTING package, and have since completely ignored me. Possibly worst customer service ever. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Spent £100, and this is how they treat me..."

Clare says

"I wish I had looked at the reviews of Wolford on Trustpilot before buying anything - I have never experienced such a terrible experience buying online. I've always been a Wolford fan but will never again buy an of their products.

It started with a lost package - no idea whether that was the fault of DHL or Wolford. Alerted Wolford who ignored the evidence I gave them for 2 weeks. Eventually they sent me a form to fill in. They lost this and now have asked me to send it again. No real apology and no attempt at what I would call customer service throughout this process and I have no faith in anything happening to get me my order or my money back. On two occasions I sent emails to senior people including the COO and these were ignored.

The sum of this is that I am out of pocket to the tune of £91 and have lost the will to live. If you want to lose some money, at least give it to charity when someone who really needs it can benefit.

A final thought. Don't think that because the product is great, the company is great. It isn't and my advice would be that if you really want this brand, go via a third party who can do ecommerce."

Lois Pack says

"Awful service, two parcels lost, endless forms to fill in with information I had already given several times,one return sent back to be in new packaging, I had to resend it and worst of all I lost money on the postage, never again."

Maria says

"Wacht out! Don´t buy! They promise free returns on the website but put no return labels in the package, when asked they tell you to send the return items at your own cost and you will get a voucher. After that no replies at all. It clearly says on both the english website and the swedish that the offer free returns but it is not true. Such a classy brand has sadly turned into a scam. Must be the people running it. Don´t buy. You will not be able to make a return unless you pay for it yourself. That would be ok if the information was that but it is not. I have read a lot of reviews about the company and they do the same to other customer as well. I´m filing a complaint. You should do the same if you experience the same. I also opened a package to try a pair of tights and they immediately got a run. I don´t even bothering sending that one back. I threw it and now I just want to send the rest of them back since I ordered quite a few to have in my wardrobe (tights for all together 200 Euro). I will file a complaint to get my money refunded including the shipping cost. Do the same if you are affected. They don´t have the right to refuse the free return they promise on the webpage. Search for consumers right and the European Commission on the internet and you will find an easy way to file a complaint at no cost"

Monica says

"Similar experience to other reviewers:
Ordered a silk face mask so my skin would be less irritated and was at first very happy with it, I even liked the mask which tends to be something rather “unlikable”.
The metal nose piece broke after only a month of gentle wear, even though I even washed it maybe less than I should have and only very delicately by hand in the sink, on it’s own, never rubbing or bending it.
What really bothers me though, is the way a brand like Wolford, that touts it’s quality, handled my complaint.
The email always comes back as undeliverable due to full inbox, so I had to use the contact form.
I was instructed to return the mask at my own expense, to an Austrian address, although I live and ordered in Switzerland, so international postage fees.
They said I would then have to wait for the outcome of an “inspection report” (yes! for a broken metal piece of a mask!) and they would inform me. At which point they would have my mask, I would have to buy a replacement in the meantime and I would not know if I would get a refund or replacement or perhaps nothing?
When I reached out to them again saying I wasn’t very happy with their options given, I got back a one line reply: This is our procedure.
Wolford clearly does not give much importance to post purchase customer experience or service as there was zero courtesy on their end for the inconvenience.
It’s not like this was a 5$ mask from just any shop, I paid 30CHF (approx. 30$/27€) for it and expected a certain quality - and if not, a certain customer care. I have heard of people using and reusing disposable masks for almost as long as I have had this Wolford silk mask and they did not break. This can happen, but like I said, the way it is handled is simply unacceptable."

Jennifer says

"If I could rate no stars I would! I emailed Wolford with my complaint for my faulty tights, they asked that I sent these back to them in Austria at my own expense. We are now 5 weeks on and I haven’t heard anything from them! I emailed to make sure they had received my faulty tights, which they confirmed they had and then nothing following that! We are now nearly 6 weeks on and had no communication from them which I think is disgusting, considering I have paid £27 for a faulty pair of tights and also paid to send these back to Wolford! I have been buying Wolford Neon Gobi tights for several years, and never had a problem, always loved them, but this will be the last time I ever purchase anything from Wolford. Terrible customer service!!"

Zaya Bean says

"Extremely bad quality. I bought around 10 to 15 tights. Majority of them ripped after wearing them once or twice. Same happened to my sister. And we are very used to wear tights. It's the worst brand I know, they are worse than 5euro tights"

Sandy Gao says

"I finally decided to buy the opaque 80 tights and I tried them them on when I received them. When I took them out to wear again today, they not only have loosened threads, but also enormous hole on the tights. Only my husband I live in our house, so I was only one that ever put the tights on. For the price I bought them for, I think I really learned a lesson to not believe that price really equals the quality. I also bought some tights from amazon for cheaper price and they didn't have this issue."

sc says

"Awful customer service - I strongly recommend not buying from the website. Unhelpful and rude staff."

Nelli Khasanova says

"I like the products but the customer service is really bad. I placed an order 3 weeks ago and it hasn’t been delivered yet. Not a single person there is trying to help you to resolve the issue. And not a single person is offering sny solution. I don’t know where is my order and if it’s ever going to be delivered. I will never use it again"

SZW says

"Ordered 3 masks for my wife, took 3 weeks to arrive and numerous emails and calls because the tracking was stuck and they didn't do anything. Now one of them is unstitched exactly in the middle by the seam and unusable, just to emphasize the questionable quality."

Gilly Rodger says

"I bought a pair of £19 tan tights in an effort to get over stigma of tan tights. The quality and colour achieved are very natural, however, they are so baggy that I look like a Nora Battie impersonator. They gather at my ankles and feel more than a little baggy. I’ve got £2 tights from supermarkets that are far superior in terms of elasticity. I also wore them once and a huge ladder appeared. I was so careful when taking them up and down yet they’re so flimsy that I really feel I have been duped. I’m so disappointed that I spent so much for a single pair of tights that have been fundamentally not able to hold themselves up.
What a pity as they were incredibly natural looking. Maybe I should go back to supermarket cheapies, it’s not always the case that you get what you pay for."

Richard Piatkowski says

"I ordered 3 masks, which were received in a few days. The masks do the job and fit well enough too.

One of the masks wasn't manufactured correctly and so I sent it back - expecting an immediate replacement. Instead I was told (after I had to chase them) that it needed to go for "testing" and I would receive a "decision" in around 3 weeks!

Anyway after a number of complaint emails and then needing to involve Paypal to demand a refund, the matter is now closed ... but ... I won't ever buy from Wolford again and won't recommend them either.

Update: Wolford said they were sending me back the original mask as way of the settlement along with the refund. They are now saying they won't send it, and so they are liars as well as providing terrible customer service."

les holmes says

"Purchased five masks at twenty pounds each. My mask Has become faulty which has been used no more than ten times due to me being in the vulnerable group and not been out. The metal bar that goes across the bridge of the nose has broken inside the fabric. I rang Wolford today and was advised that Wolford will not do anything, they will not replace. It’s something they won’t and don’t do.
Advised me to send an email and was given an incorrect email address. Most unhelpful would I recommend anyone to buy from Wolford the answer is NO."

Deborah Rosen says

"I had wanted some Wolford tights for quite a while but was put off by the price.
Anyway I found some on offer on a department store website,instead of £19 per 20 denier pair they were £31 for three pairs so I decided to treat myself.
I have to say that the tights are very comfortable, however in spite of the fact that I was very careful putting them on and they were washed on the hand wash cycle, all three pairs ripped after two at the most three wears.
I have tights that I paid £5 a pair for that have lasted better."

Martin says

"I ordered a Wolford care mask from the UK.

It took over two weeks for it to be delivered and it arrived in an unnecessarily large outer cardboard box, with a larger than necessary inner cardboard box, containing a pointless piece of card with #WolfordCares written on it and the mask folded up tight in a larger than needed plastic bag.

Great design, silk material, adjustable straps, reversible and metal around the nose makes for a good fit but far too much packaging and too long a delivery time."

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